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Arizona Shower Door Product Care

Proper care for your shower enclosure is simple and will ensure you enjoy years of continual service and beauty with a minimum of care and maintenance. If you do not have the protective coating applied to your glass, we suggest a schedule of regular maintenance using products recommended by the Bath Enclosure Manufacturers Association.

Product Care

Cleaning your enclosure safely and effectively takes the right cleaner. The key is to understand what types of cleaners to use and to avoid.

Many cleaners labeled for use in bathrooms can damage the metal finish or scratch the glass of an enclosure. A short list of cleaning agents that should be AVOIDED because they either damage the metal or scratch the enclosure surface includes:

  • Vinegar or Vinegar Based Products
  • Abrasive or Soft Abrasive Powders and Liquids
  • Bleach or Bleach Based Cleaners
  • Steel or Teflon Pads

In looking for the best cleaner that's also gentle on surfaces, BEMA (The Bath Enclosure Manufactures Association) tested some of the most popular cleaners and found Comet Non-Abrasive Bathroom Cleaner to be the most effective while still being gentle on the glass and metal surfaces of an enclosure. We encourage Arizona Shower Door recommended products, available at your local dealer.

After each use: Rinse or spray the surface with cool (for best results), clean water. Wipe it dry or let the water drain off and pat dry the few remaining droplets.

ASD Glass Protection

Applied to your Arizona Shower Door means:

  • • Easier Cleaning - Clean surface (squeegee) everyday to prevent buildup on glass
  • • Glass protected from mildew, soap scum, scratches and more
  • • A more hygienic surface
  • • No need for harsh or harmful cleaning chemicals (saving you and the environment)

Treated w/ Clear Fusion Treated

Untreated Glass Untreated Glass

You're planning to install a beautiful new Arizona Shower Door? Now be sure to protect it. Adding glass protection will help ensure your beautiful new bathroom stays that way for years to come.

It's Not Too Late

If you didn't initially purchase the glass protection with your Arizona Shower Door, we offer products to restore, protect and maintain your shower enclosure.

Available Care Products


Product Code: CL-100

View MSDS Sheets:

Eliminate is a unique biodegradable chemistry that effectively removes scale, calcium, hard water spots, soap scum and body oils without offensive odors or the need for aggressive scrubbing. For use on showers, bathtubs, tile and sinks. Cleans glass, fiberglass, plexiglass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome, porcelain and culture marble surfaces.

Standard Shower Squeegee

Product Code: CL-120

  • • Perfect for Cleaning Glass, Mirror, Ceramic Tile, and Marble.

  • • Suction Hook Holder requires NO drilling

  • • Standard Shower Door Squeegee with suction cup

  • • 9" (254 mm) Blade

  • Ask our Customer Service Representative about
  • our Deluxe Squeegee.

Glass Cleaner

Product Code: CL-115

Never Streaks! Never Leaves a Film! Arizona Shower Door's Premium Glass Cleaner is a spray-on foam that removes finger prints, dust, and film. Also, great on mirrors. Can be used for Cleaning Flat Screen Monitors & TV's. (do not spray directly on to the screen, spray on to cloth then wipe screen.)

Glazing Silicone Sealant Clear

Product Code: SILICONE

Dow CorningĀ® Glazing sealant cures to 100% silicone rubber, resistant to sunlight and weather extremes and has high strength with excellent adhesion. One-part acetoxy cure silicone sealant formulated for use with glass, plastics, aluminum, fiberglass, ceramics and metal. It provides bonds that remains flexible, will not become brittle, crack, shrink, or chalk.

Shower Tub and Tile Scrub

Product Code: CL-106

View MSDS Sheets:

Shower Scrub is a mildly abrasive cream cleanser that thoroughly cleans all buildup on shower & bath surfaces safely and effectively without strong acids, alkalis, phosphates or solvents. Arizona Shower Scrub easily removes water spots, rust, soap scum, oils, mildew stains and lime scale without scratching, dulling or damaging the surface. Arizona Shower Door Professional Surface Care products are uniquely formulated for fast and effective results. They are user and earth friendly.

Arizona Shower Door Glass Protection

Product Code: CL-107

Arizona Shower Door Glass Protection is perfect for all types of glass shower doors & enclosures, porcelain sinks & bathtubs, ceramic tile and other natural or synthetic surfaces subject to water spray & splatter. Easily and quickly applied, a single treatment lasts from months in showers to years on mirrors. Nano-scale barrier coating keeps water,soil, minerals, and fingerprints from sticking. It can be infinitely renewed to keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces sparkling, like new!.

ASD Glass Cleaner with built in protector

Product Code: CL-108

Cleans surfaces to a streak-free shine and easily removes dirt, dust, fingerprints, soil, and grime. It simultaneously protects surfaces with an invisible nano-scale repellent finish that resists the adhesion and build-up of water, soil and stains.