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Arizona Shower Door Glass Protection Program

Glass Protection Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Arizona Shower Door Glass Protection powered by Invisible Shield® provides a unique, hydrophobic, water, soil, and stain repellent coating. By protecting glass to actively repel water and restrict the adhesion and build-up of all foreign matter, it can be washed with clear water or common wash solutions without the use of abrasives and strong acids or alkalis. Protected glass looks better, stays cleaner and is easier to maintain. 

Protected Glass Protection Image

    I have Factory-Applied Glass Protection, but I see soap scum residue. What Can I do?

  • ♦ FIRST- Use ELIMINATE (CL100) to remove all build-up from glass surface.

  • ♦ NEXT- Apply Repel (CL1080) Glass Cleaner with built-in protector to revitalize your Factory-Applied coating.

    I just installed my new shower door without Glass Protection. How can I protect my investment?

  • ♦ FIRST- Apply Invisible Shield (CL107) Glass Protection for Home Application using recommended instructions.

  • ♦ NEXT- Apply Repel (CL1080) Glass Cleaner with built-in protection weekly to revitalize your home-applied coating.

    I never had any Glass Protection applied. Is there a way to remove the years of soap scum and limescale build-up from my shower enclosure?

  • ♦ YES!! Our Cleaning and Maintenance Kit is specifically designed to help you clean your glass to like-new condition, protect your freshly cleaned surface, and maintain the integrity of your newly-treated shower enclosure.

  • Before and After Comparison

  • Arizona Shower Door Glass Protection powered by Invisible Shield is a durable coating. With regular treated surface maintenance your Glass Protection will last a lifetime.

    It is recommended that Invisible Shield be reapplied when you feel the repellency is not equal to your own personal standard. Invisible Shield can be reapplied indefinitely. It will not build up or discolor and requires no previous stripping.

    Invisible shield and Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner preserve and enhance everyday surfaces while making them easier to clean. They are manufactured to the highest standards and specifications. All glass, porcelain and ceramic surfaces can be cleaned, protected and maintained easily and affordable.


    • After each use- Use your ASD Squeegee (CL120) or towel dry the surface of the glass. (Failure to perform basic maintenance recommendations could result in water spots developing on the treated surface.)
    • Once a week- Apply Repel Glass and Surface Cleaner (CL108 or CL1080) to maintain the strength and integrity of the nano-shield barrier.
    • Every 3 to 6 months- Apply Invisible Shield (CL107) to reinforce and extend the lifetime of the factory applied nano-shield barrier.

    Check out our ASD Product Care

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