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Where to start...

To begin, first decide what type of shower enclosure best fits the opening of your tub or shower.

Arizona Shower Door offers a variety of different enclosure options and configurations.

Door Style - Choose between the sliding doors or a swing style door.

Our Slider Style Doors are available in several different door styles and have the option for a clamp-on towel bar and handle. The Euro Slider in 1/4", 5/16",3/8", and S-Curve glass use a through the glass style of handle and towel bar.

If a Swing Style Door what you're looking for we have several swing design styles of doors. Continuous Hinge Door and Reversible Style Doors use a clamp on handle, also available with an 8X8 through the glass handle. The Traditional and Continuous Hinge swing doors have a metal bottom and drip rail with sweep, while the Reversible and Mini Continuous Hinge Door units have a removable Polycarbonate sweep giving a cleaner look and more of the Euro style shower enclosure. For a visual representation of the different Swing Styles please click here for more information. Arizona Shower Door also offers our HG Euro Style units. These Styles of units are considered frameless using an 8x8 through the glass handle and either Clamps or U-channel for any panels.

Glass Thickness – Arizona Shower Door offers 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", and 3/8" thick glass. Please contact a local branch for more information on what glass is available.

Glass Design - Add more elegance to your shower enclosure by changing the design of the glass itself. Clear, Obscure, Niagara Rain, and Satin Etch are a few of our stock Styles of glass. For a visual representation of the different Sliders please refer here.

Metal Finishes - To ensure that your bathroom's entire hardware colors match Arizona Shower Door has seven stock finishes to accommodate. Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Gold, Satin, White, and Heritage Brass. For a visual representation of the different Sliders please refer here.


Click Here to design the Shower Enclosure of your dreams.